Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tips & Techniques Tuesday

Embossing Folder Fun- with your CTMH Ink Pads

Yes I know I promised I would make up my own tip for this week....would you believe my photographer (DH) is away for a couple of days?  Anyway below is a tutorial called the Beleek Technique written by the very talented Kittie Caracciolo...with my take below Kittie's

Kittie used Distress Ink in her example as did I in my example below.  Distress ink as the name suggests does not give a completely smooth and even finish (see close up of my card.)

To even out the finish, I added an extra first step -  I used Versamark ink on the embossing folder using the brayer, then using the brayer again with the distress ink.  Below is a tutorial I found on Pinterest by CTMH Independent Consultant Karen Pedersen using CTMH Ink Pads and I have to say it looks good. Results will vary depending on the actual embossing folder but the CTMH ink definately makes a difference.

HOWEVER, and this is important - rubbing your ink pad over a plastic embossing folder is NOT a good idea!  I tried it JUST once (below) and there are "stringy pieces" of ink pad lifting off and, it totally EATS your Versamark pad (found out the hard way in a card class I taught a couple of years ago. As the coverage was patchy in my experiment, I definately would not try without a brayer and using the Versamark first saves a whole lot of heartache. Don't forget to clean the coloured ink off before re applying the Versamark. If you are making up kits or using in class you should get 2 to 3 passes before repeating the process.

Therefore in my humble makes sense to use a brayer (also a useful tool to have).
Please let me know if there are any tips or techqniques you would like to see.
Cheers til next Tuesday,

FOOTNOTE: It has been suggested to me that lightly touching ink pad to the embossing folder also works, personally I would rather preserve my ink pads and use a brayer.

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