Monday, 3 August 2015


August is going to be a REALLY BIG month!

The new Annual Inspirations 2015–2016 idea book will go live to customers on September 1st, There have been some interesting and exciting changes and I can hardly wait t o start sharing the excitement.

However, to help bridge the end of the current idea books and the beginning of the new ones, CTMH has chosen to release a selection of new products to customers on 1 August, 2015 These products include the new Cricut® Artistry cartridge (Z3167), and the My Reflections™ Zoe paper packet (X7197B), the Zoe Complements (X7197C), Zoe Assortment (Z3082), and the Workshops on the Go® Zoe Scrapbooking Kit (G1096). All available from August first in my online store.

All other products in the new Annual Inspirations idea book will be made available for customer preview and purchase on September 1st, however, consultants are able to share sneak peek images with their customers via social media. I am madly getting together a new FaceBook Page so I can let you have a peek.

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