Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Minions - Tips on Tuesday

Minion Crazy Kids?

How many of you know kids that are just going nuts for minions?  Or obsessed with minions? My daughter's friend recently had a beautiful baby girl and her big sister - three years old is convinced she is a "little Minion" because (in her words)..she has yellow patches all over her face!(this was four days after she was born).

I have to admit I find them very cute and cheerful myself.  When I saw the photo above on Pinterest, I was therefore intrigued. It is from a fun website called DIY Inspired.

The actual post is DIY Minion Party Ideas - check it out...there are some really cute ideas and they all look really easy to make. It would be pretty easy to make a gift card as well.  Happy little vegemites all around I say.

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